Wangaratta Family History Society Inc.

Research Checklist

Please note we are now based at Wangaratta Library, 21 Docker Street Wangaratta. Telephone: 0474 443626

Birth to School
Adoption papers; Awards; Baby Book; Birth Certificate; Baptismal & Christening records; Graduation papers; Guardianship papers; Honor rolls; Reports; School photos; Schoolbooks & Diaries.

Anniversary Announcements; Confirmation; Invitations; Wedding Announcements; Wedding Book & photo albums; Transcripts.

Divorce papers

Eulogy; Funeral Notice; Memorial notices; Obituary; Inquests.

Every Day Life
Financial details; Income Tax records; Letters, Cards, Postcards; Biography; Diary; Journal; Will.

Apprenticeship paper; Awards; Retirement Records; Union records.

Military Records
Entry & discharge; Medical Records; Regiment, Squadron details; Service & Ribbons Medals; Service Records; Severance details.

Land and Property Deeds
Estate record; Leases; Mortgages; Titles; Mining rights; Water rights.

Bible; Coat of Arms; Family Trees; Newspaper articles; Autograph books; Birthday books; Family photos.

Health Centre records; Hospital records; Pharmacy records.

Citizenship papers
Convict Records; Deportment papers; Naturalization papers; Passports.

Business; Professional; Visa; Drivers; Firearms & Hunting License

Household Items
Engraved Items; Handcrafts; Silverware & China.

Summary of some of the group's records
Cemetery Records; Church Records; Baptism Records; Marriage Records; Rate Books; Genealogical Records; Directories; Shipping Books; Family Histories; North Eastern Books; School Registers; District Maps; Photographs; Electoral Rolls.
'Benalla' Newspapers; Microfiche and CD's; Newspaper Index Cards; Births; Deaths; Marriage's Forms (Australia Wide); Magazines from many Groups.

Hints for the Genealogist

  • Write letters, letters and even more letters.
  • Read member's interest lists, stray certificates - or other things that may resemble the name you are researching.
  • When you visit another town, visit the Cemetery
  • Visit the family history section of the library
  • Do not despair when you are stuck - just keep trying
  • When emailing include your postal address
  • When requesting information, include a business size self addressed envelope as well
  • Use lists on the Internet and email as well, to find contacts with your family tree branch
  • Do not forget to use 'favourites'
  • Always offer to pay on return mail to cover expenses.
  • Use the Internet, it's one of the best ways to gather information.


  • We swap magazines with many other genealogy groups through out Australia.
  • Please check our magazine cupboard, they may help solve your family mystery.