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Wangaratta Rate Books - Digitising and Indexing 130 years Local History

The Society has received a Grant of $10,678 to Digitise and Index the Wangaratta Rates Books including -

Borough of Wangaratta 1863–1939; Shire of Wangaratta 1917–1994; Shire of North Ovens 1867–1916 & Shire of Oxley 1937 – 1939  & to Create and Publish a searchable database.

This three year project is already well underway with the first run of digitising completed and indexing of the records currently being carried out by the enthusiastic members and volunteers in our Project.

We are always keen to talk with individuals interested in working with us either as members or volunteers in the research library, assisting with research or any aspects of our project work.  Contact us or just drop in and have a chat.

Beechworth Cemetery Project -

Digitisation of the Burial Records is underway and preliminary referencing of pre 1900 burials against the database has commenced.  We expect to start photographing the headstones / memorials later in the year, with aspects progressing through to completion early/mid 2017.

Cemetery Projects also involve outdoors photography with the imaging of headstones and memorials to compliment the searchable data, so there is plenty of variety in the work.  Please contact us if you are interested in being involved.

Other Current Projects Update:

Our Projects Committee and Volunteers are currently working on a number of major projects -

  • Wangaratta Cemetery Index and Images CD2 – Database check against Registers and CD1    ~ 85% complete.  In house testing & Memorial Imaging scheduled for 2014.
  • Eldorado Cemetery Database and Register Images completed. Memorial Images and Site Map currently being updated & re-checked.
  • Chiltern/Springhurst/Rutherglen Cemeteries CD –Currently contains about 7,000 names. Editing & matching register images in progress.  
  • Funeral Directors Records, largely digitised with indexing underway.
  • New digitising works in progress
    • Tarrawingee Cemetery Registers & Memorials
    • Whitefield (Hyem) Cemetery Registers & Memorials

  • School records for Cornishtown, Springhurst, Boralma

Completed, awaiting digitisation & distribution.

Wangaratta Threads,

our quarterly Newsletters are now available on our Library Page.

WFHS approved as a Public Records of Victoria POD ( Place of Deposit)

The Premier, The Hon E Baillieu has approved the Society as a place of Deposit for records, items or collections of historic personal or genealogical importance. The Society will be working in conjunction with Public Records Victoria to ensure these records and/or digital copies are held for future reference and research. 

The Society can as appropriate or by arrangement, assess and digitise records or collections held by individuals or other bodies. Please contact the Secretary in the first instance by mail or email.

Donor Gift Recipient Endorsement  - Australian Taxation Office: 

Tax Deductible Donations:

The WFHS - Jean Rankins Research Library has received DGR endorsement from the ATO

which allows for donations of $2.00 and above made to the Research Library to be

Tax Deductible by the Donor.

Donations received will be used solely for the purchase of Priority Research Resources

to expand and enhance our comprehensive collection.


New DVD & CD’s to arrive include:

 - South Australian Deaths - Digger   and

 - School & Court Records for North Eastern Victoria

On-Screen Book Catalogue Updated

The on-screen book catalogue available in the library has been updated and is available for use by members and visitors. New books still being catalogued may not be on this latest version, so please check with the Duty Officer if you cannot locate an item.

See also the Library Page for new acquisitions and updates.


Members' Book & Resource Collections –

A database of Members' Resources and/or Collections is currently being compiled which may include books, references, documents, maps, CD's or any research resource. 

Should you have resources which you would be willing to list on our Resource Catalogue, please contact the Secretary in the first instance. Doing so means that you are prepared to share information from your holdings with other researchers or family historians, however all item(s) will remain the property of and be retained by the owner.

Your listings will be included on our Catalogue, clearly marked as Members private resources and carry a member number.  All items are listed as “Not for Loan”  unless otherwise stated and all requests should come in through WFHS.