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The Updated Catalogue is now available on-screen in the Library. 

Significant changes have been made to the grouping and shelving of titles particularly for local and interstate burial & cemetery information, UK and Irish references and records, family histories and biographies. 

A full list is being currently being prepared for this page  -  watch this space !

New Books and References are regularly being added to the collection which includes local family histories and extensive works by the volunteers of the Society


Recent Additions include -

Updated list being prepared........


Additions in the Technology room include -


Victorian Colonial Grants - CDs  Part 2 & Part 3  ( Part 1 on Microfiche)

WA Indexes and Bounty Immigration NSW 1828 to 1842.


Publication ‘In Memorium’ by the Victorian Department of Health, 2014.  Provides information on all cemeteries in Victoria




Wangaratta Threads - our Quarterly Newsletter 

Lists of our various holdings

Books ( new catalogue to be online soon ! )



Journals & Newsletters

Stray Certificates


Cemeteries & Burials Wangaratta & North East Victoria

Cemeteries & Burials - Australia

Cemeteries & Burials - UK, Ireland and International  ( New list to be online Feb 2014)


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